Stafford Stud

Tel: (01425) 611065
Fax: (01425) 614337

The Stafford Stud, based in the heart of the New Forest, has been breeding top quality ponies with proven performance pedigrees for over 35 years. The Stud initially concentrated on breeding New Forest Ponies which are renowned for their hardiness and excellent temperment. Over the years many have been exported to Europe and have had a major influence on the breed over there.

In recent years thoroughbred, show pony and warm blood stallions have been used on the mares to give further elasticity of pace, elegance and size. Stafford Twilight, the stud's stallion, is an excellent example of how the New Forest Pony has been used to produce a successful small sports horse in all fields. He has recently been graded as a Sports Pony Stallion, one of the first UK bred stallions to be graded by the Sports Pony Stud Book.

For further information, please contact The Hon. Mrs P. Baillie.

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